Can a New Test Predict Heart Attack Risk? [video]

By Michael A. Smith, MD

Why do people die from heart attacks? Well, one reason is that ER doctors often don't see one coming and send people home.

Fortunately, a new blood test may change that and potentially save many lives. Here's how it works: A few days before a heart attack, the cells lining the damaged artery slough off into the bloodstream. With this new test, ER doctors can quickly identify those cells and admit the patient for the appropriate, life-saving treatment.

Watch Dr. Mike explain in the video below:

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Cheryl D. Simmons said...

Thank you for publishing the TRUTH. I pray many will get this information as soon as possible. I try to get the word out to everyone I can. God bless your work. Everyone needs to check out Stacey Nottingham does a wonderful job at Life Extension. I was so privileged to get to have health suggestions by her. I so hope to visit your facility some day. May our Heavenly Father promote your vital work. I was so blessed to obtain knowledge from your organization. I shall ever be grateful.

Anonymous said...

Mike- what is the NAME of the test? Please cite the reference!

Anonymous said...

Name Please... Without that this article is just a tease.... :-(

Life Extension said...

We apologize - the test is called a CEC or "circulating endothelial cells" test!

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